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مظاهر الحركة الالبية – الهيملانية التجبيلية وسط الصفيحة العربية

Abdullah O. Bamousa and others (2017) Tectonic Style and Structural Features of Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny in Central Arabia (in): Roure, F., Amin, A., Khomsi, S., Al-Garni, M.A.M. (Eds), Lithosphere Dynamics and Sedimentary Basins of the Arabian Plate and Surrounding Areas, Springer, pp 173-185.


Mesozoic rocks of the Interior Homocline and overlying Early Paleogene rocks in Central Saudi Arabia were investigated via detailed geologic and structural mapping, image interpretation and GIS compilation of geological and remote sensing data. Continue reading

طي و قص اقليمي موازي للطبقات في الجزء السفلي من متكون سلي، وسط الصفيحة العربية

Regional detachment folding and layer-parallel shortening in lower Sulaiy Formation, Central Arabia

Abdullah O. Bamousa1*, Abdullah M. Memesh2, Salih M. Dini2 and Ali Al Zahrani2

1.Taibah University. * correspondence author. 2. Saudi Geological Survey

presented in : 11th international geological conference 23-7-1436 equiv. to 12-5-2015, Riyadh

Abstract. Sulaiy Formation is a Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous unit, composed of yellowish-gray and Continue reading

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